Core Competencies & Coaching Mastery

This year marks a milestone for ICF and its Dutch Chapter, ICF-NL, which celebrate its 20th anniversary and 10th anniversary respectively. I went down on memory lane, back to 2005 when together with Kees de Vries and others, we took the first steps towards professionalising the coaching practice here in the Netherlands.

Feedback: what, how and when

Whether you are an employee, manager or entrepreneur, the people you work with need support to grow, change attitude or perspective, improve skills or become aware of a given behaviour and the impact this has on others. As manager, team member or coach you will find yourself giving feedback. The way you give it might alienate or support others. Feedback is a skill you need to master so you can provide it in a valuable and constructive manner, without making this personal.

Are you productive or just busy?

How many times a day do you “boast” that you are busy, don’t have time to do the fun things of work you like, that you are so swamped that you cannot find a moments rest during the day? What would you do if the day had 32 instead of 24 hours?

What is wrong with these statements?

The 7 habits of a good leader

Part 2 of the series "7 leadership principles, habits and tips"

It’s of course not enough to understand the leadership principles; you need to incorporate habits in your performance.

7 habits of a good leader

7 Tips on Leadership

When looking at the principles of leadership and habits of leaders we can conclude that we all can be leaders if we want to. It involves constant personal evolution, genuine interest in people, strong personality and passion for what we want to achieve.

When developing your leadership habits and skills take the following tips into account:

Unleash the creative potential of your employees

Creativity transports us away from habitual thinking and behaviour – instead of treading the same pathways we dare to explore new avenues, take risks and enter into a state of play and discovery.

While some people might have greater potential than others we all have the capacity to find new and useful ways of seeing and doing things.

Creativity is key to (business) success.

As a manager you can accelerate results and the overall well being of your employees by sparking creativity at the workplace.

How can networking help entrepreneurs? 6 tips to become a great networker

Networking is something we all do and we start from an early life. The relationships we build through our life can support us in infinite ways: to find a reliable handy-man, a job, information, referrals, exchange experiences, be of service, build and grow our businesses…

The strange thing is that most people do not learn how to effectively network. I truly believe networking should be a school/university subject, but it should be at home where you start hearing how network works!

Preaching to myself helps!

I am a to-do lists kind of girl. I set goals and plan my days accordingly to what the week looks like and with my practical attitude to problems I have mostly things under control. Looking ahead allows me to create space for the things I need and want to do. Notwithstanding, presently are so many factors, projects and people popping up that my control on things is gliding though my fingers.

Do we need leaders?

There is no doubt that managing a team, organisation or your own enterprise is not a piece of cake. Nowadays employees have the same access to information as managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. So my question is do we need people leading teams, projects and or organisations. My answers is a definite YES!

Small or big goals