Increase your achievement & satisfaction ratio in 7 steps

A guide for managers & entrepreneurs

This is a guide for solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and managers who want to increase their achievement and satisfaction ratio. Setting goals is not enough to achieve them, there is a concrete process you need to learn to manage and to follow through.

The first thing you is to check your mind-set and get in the”mood” before you start planning any goals. We all can come up with goals we want/need to achieve but it a total different story to achieve them and keep focused all the way through.

For max results: sharpen your goal setting skills

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself and your collaborators to turn that vision of the future into reality.
As a manager/entrepreneur you are in charge of achieving goals and give direction to your staff. These goals might be established through your boss, upper management, or might even be determined by you. No matter how the goals are set; you need to fully understand their meaning. You need to be able to clearly communicate these goals with your staff, clients and people involved in achieving the goals.

Master Series: Networking for successful women

Networking is about building relationships and when you are authentic, relationships will work for and with you. It is known that women and men network differently. Women want relationships that have meaning and last, men see networking opportunities as a way to position themselves and ask what they want.
Women like to get involved in conversations and getting to know one another. They are good listeners and are often empathic. They have emotions with the people they relate to.

Master Class Series: Networking in Your Organisation

5 Tips to Efficiently Grow in Your Career

Networking is about creating relationships. Remember, networking is a process, not an event. When we talk about networking, we often focus on connecting with people outside our organizations. Networking is about quality of names in a rolodex, no quantity. And networking with colleagues is no exception. The best assignments and job opportunities go to the best networkers as they are being included in discussions and remembered by managers and leaders.

7 reasons why to write down your goals

One my best habits that works for me is writing things down. It gives me focus and unburdens my mind of ideas and thoughts, and helps me to be successful in mi endeavours. When writing things down, and reading them afterwards, I often find new insights and it helps me to live my life purpose by deciding what I will do with my thoughts, ideas, feelings and information.

By writing your goals down you:

How do leaders and managers differ with respect to goals setting?

Every organisation needs leaders, managers and followers. In this article we are only going to zoom into the manager and leader's roles and what kind of behaviour and skills (should be) are essential for a successful organisation.

How to set New Year Resolutions that work?

How to set New Year Resolutions that work?

Congratulations! You have your dreams and goals for the coming year and now what? Based on my experience with my clients I want to share a method that works over and over again. You need to really want to achieve your goals and you need to want to invest time, resources and effort.

Are you serious about your goals? - Your New Year Resolutions

How serious are you about your (New Year Resolutions) Goals?

7 Tips to achieve your New Year Resolutions

For many years I have been keeping a dairy. I don’t necessarily write every day. Sometimes months pass without even thinking of writing a couple of lines. Yesterday I opened the 1st page of the diary – the date I read was 26th December 2009, which happens also to be my birthday. This diary is very special to me. It has a leather cover, with a flap to close it and a very beautiful design. When I was choosing a perfect diary this one felt so good in my hand. The creamy colour pages looked elegant and inviting to write. I bought it because I wanted to write about my 50th year.